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61. whom (wie) :: This will be a comfort to Cameron over whom Vogts had appeared to blow hot and cold
62. whose (wie se) :: whose pen did you use
63. why (hoekom) :: The reason why this guy makes me feel better is because he has less
64. wide (wye) :: But then Weaver made a crucial mistake making a wide pickoff throw to first base
65. widely (wyd) :: Yet just by looking at the English and German sites we see widely different layouts
66. width (wydte) :: Mr Haggarty said it was hoped to expand the room which is located on the ground floor of the hotel by about 4ft in width and 8ft in length
67. wife (vrou) :: She is a comic pointilliste and her precise inflections of wifeliness dot the brain like a quiver of hatpins
68. wild (wilde) :: When mist fills the Himalayan valleys and heavy monsoon rain sweeps across the hills it is natural for the wild creatures to seek shelter
69. wildly (wild) ::
70. will (sal) :: Soon there will be bitter regret at all the public land being squandered irredeemably
71. willing (bereid) :: Like any wise leader he was aware that his own success would have been nothing had his men not been willing even eager to follow him
72. win (wen) :: Ben Wyvis for instance is unlikely to win any prizes in a contest against some of the more shapely Highland summits
75. window (venster) :: it fell out the window
76. wine (wyn) :: One brew still popular in many parts of China is made of fruit bits suspended in rice wine
77. wing (vleuel) :: Social democrats from the New Democratic Party consistently opposed the states development strategy as did a wing of the Liberal Party
78. winner (wenner) :: We knew that if we could keep up with her for the next few weeks we were on to a winner
79. winning (wen) :: His firm handshake welcoming smile and boyish charm were a winning combination

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