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61. thickness (dikte) :: There is no maximum thickness for the deeper layer
62. thief (dief) :: Police were today searching for a thief who snatched hundreds of pounds from a busy shop in Walton
63. thin (dun) :: She gave me a thin smile and turned back to whatever she was doing
64. thing (ding) :: the last thing I want to see
65. think (dink) :: The more you understand why something has turned out the way it has the more you can empathise and think with an open mind
66. thinking (dink) :: It is time for some imaginative thinking new ideas for making public services work better for those who need them most
67. third (derde) :: shes coming on the third
68. thirsty (dors) :: Symons stresses that no eucalyptus trees are planted as they drain the soil of water being very thirsty trees
69. thirteen (dertien) :: At the age of thirteen she was already a household name in Mayo
70. thirty (dertig) :: the thirty is missing
71. this (hierdie) :: whats all this about a job
72. thorough (deeglike) :: His painstaking comprehensive and thorough work was distinguished by deep sensitivity and fresh insights
73. thoroughly (deeglik) :: This surprised him because he really wants to sell the house and felt he had prepared for the process quite thoroughly
74. though (alhoewel) :: The trade though lucrative was quite separate from the rest of his thinking
75. thought (gedink) :: No one could possibly argue that freedom of opinion thought and judgment could be expressed in illegal acts
76. thousand (duisend) :: in the year two thousand and ten
78. thread (draad) :: If you have any problems that arent resolved here then you can post on the forum thread by clicking here
79. threat (bedreiging) :: We need to focus our attention on where the next threat to our collective security will come from
80. threaten (dreig) :: And now just to make bad worse another war was threatening

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