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61. seek (soek) :: A deaf person more often than not delays seeking medical help partly due to the wrong notion that his condition is incurable
62. seem (blyk) :: Roys save was probably the best action on the pitch though not it would seem of the afternoon
63. select (kies) :: However this progress has been made for only a select group of species
64. selection (seleksie) :: they objected to his selection
67. sell (verkoop) :: it was clear that the performances would not sell out
68. senate (senaat) :: the senate must ratify any treaty with a twothirds majority
70. send (stuur) :: well send you a taxi in 10 minutes
72. sense (sin) :: They hit their lines in the script with an unusual sense of urgency and concern
73. sensible (sinvolle) :: Emma is a sensible person who likes to read the end of a story to decide if she should bother reading the entire book if she doesnt like the ending she figures why read it at all
74. sensitive (sensitiewe) :: The whole process of category building is dynamic and extremely sensitive to patterns detected in the data
75. sentence (sin) :: The relatively lenient sentence has been widely interpreted as a blow to Southeast Asian efforts to combat terrorism
76. separate (afsonderlike) :: The proxy ballot card was designed to address these questions as separate voting issues
78. separately (afsonderlik) :: I shall consider that figure separately from the prime costs
79. separation (skeiding) :: A complete separation of religion from the state guarantees this freedom and protects children from manipulation by religions

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