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61. permanent (permanente) :: When we say something is a part of our nature it makes it seem to be a permanent unchangeable thing
62. permission (toestemming) :: But keep in mind viewers would have to give their permission first
64. person (persoon) :: a person wouldnt know what he should do
65. personal (persoonlike) :: He specialises in personal forecasts career and relationship issues
66. personality (persoonlikheid) :: she has triumphed by sheer force of personality
67. personally (persoonlik) :: they had made conclusions without getting to know me personally
68. persuade (oorreed) :: Once again I have concluded that the evidence does not persuade me that this event occurred
69. pet (troeteldier) :: In her words anyone who has owned and loved a pet would agree that in terms of emotional trauma watching the death of a pet is akin to losing a close relative
71. phase (fase) :: phase two of the development is in progress
72. philosophy (filosofie) :: On the other hand philosophy as discipline gets some of its legitimacy from claiming to be a form of engagement with the world
73. phone (foon) :: People have been phoning me up and stopping me in the street and saying how sorry they are to hear about what has happened to us
74. photo (foto) :: If I can decorate this site with all kinds of photos Ill post pictures of the car
75. photocopy (fotokopie) :: When you have some color schemes in mind a great way to test things out is to sketch or photograph your house then make several black and white photocopies of the picture or drawing
76. photograph (foto) :: It did not prove possible to make photographs using the antique camera itself
77. photographer (fotograaf) :: a freelance press photographer
78. photography (fotografie) :: On his return he purchased his first Leica camera and began to explore photography on the streets
79. phrase (frase) :: It was just that no one was willing to replace a pithy phrase with either an ugly acronym or a yawninducing mouthful
80. physical (fisiese) :: Moreover the piece only refers to a concrete physical setting twice

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