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61. original (oorspronklike) :: The original path was a series of stepping stones laid in the lawn which I was able to reuse
62. originally (oorspronklik) :: The flats were originally owned by the council but later taken over by New Charter Housing Trust
63. other (ander) :: That side is open again now and the contractors have moved to the other side
64. otherwise (anders) :: And at night the procession of lighted carriages dashing through the otherwise dark and quiet countryside was a sight to behold
65. ought to (behoort te) ::
66. our (ons) :: On our side we went down to the Royal Society with a group of people from the lab
67. ours (ons s'n) :: They were searching for the origins of their creation just as we search for ours
68. ourselves (onsself) :: We could make substantial savings if we all conduct ourselves in a proper manner
69. out (uit) :: The temperatures going to drop another ten degrees before the weeks out
70. outdoor (buite) :: Over the years she has tried indoor and outdoor climbing but does prefer the outdoors
71. outdoors (in die buitelug) :: He has agreed to oversee guest activities outdoors but he knows he is no businessman
72. outer (buitenste) :: She came to a stop outside the outer door to the kings privy chamber swallowing hard
73. outline (buitelyn) :: an outline of the theory of evolution
74. output (uitset) :: Agricultural production from the basin represents 41 per cent of the national output from rural industries
75. outside (buite) :: Usually people would gather around the set eager for their one point of reliable contact with the outside world
76. outstanding (uitstaande) :: With manic energy and a knack for voices Bennetts performance is outstanding
77. oven (oond) :: With due speed German industrialists were required to design and produce ovens and gas chambers that would enable the mass murders to be carried out quickly and cleanly without involving German personnel too much
78. over (oor) :: a long and heated debate over unemployment
79. overall (algehele) :: Possessing an impressive range of passes he also weighed in with a couple of shots and overall he was a busy presence in the middle
80. overcome (oorkom) :: Youve been doing this far too long to suddenly be overcome by guilty feelings

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