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61. member (lid) :: committee member
62. membership (lidmaatskap) :: If the employers are now digging their heels in then we need action involving all the membership
63. memory (geheue) :: They dont even have the hard drive space and memory that regular laptops have
64. mental (verstandelike) :: Are there enough mental health professions to deliver the therapy that is needed
65. mentally (geestelik) :: soldiers become physically and mentally exhausted
66. mention (noem) :: The drafts of the document I had seen earlier made no mention of shares and I saw no reference to shares in this one
67. menu (spyskaart) :: There was a good choice of starters both from the standard menu and the specials list
68. mere (blote) :: Cecilias surname Delamere puns ingeniously over the sea but also over the mere or lake
70. mess (gemors) :: he needs treatment of some kindhes a real mess
71. message (boodskap) :: The president delivered his message in an informal forum which he used often on the campaign trail
72. metal (metaal) :: Tossing in elements of blues rock glamrock soul and metal its a wildly extravagant affair that is likely to put off as many people as it delights
73. method (metode) :: He had absolute belief in himself and his methods and wasnt afraid to say so to anybody
74. metre (meter) :: A system can be specified in any of 144 combinations that use the companys instruments and meters
75. mid (middel) :: This is the last building they saw well before they were deployed back in mid February for the Middle East
76. midday (middag) :: He pointed to the massive rock behind which I had been shading from the midday sun
77. middle (middel) :: In the new works she reduces her choice of colors to three merging the middle bands into a large central field
78. midnight (middernag) :: I faced a difficult political decision when work ended at midnight last night
79. might (mag) :: Powerful minds can project incredibly rich suggestions of what it might feel like but you dont know
80. mild (ligte) :: Those found guilty received relatively mild sentences no more than two years imprisonment in most cases suspended

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