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61. influence (invloed) :: She has now attained a position of influence and status with the means to carry out her plans of revenge
62. inform (lig) :: It repeated a call for offenders to surrender and for others to inform on them
63. informal (informele) :: We immediately relaxed into the restaurants friendly informal atmosphere
64. information (inligting) :: a vital piece of information
65. ingredient (bestanddeel) :: Place the first six ingredients in a food processor and whizz until smooth then splash in a slug of Kirsch
66. initial (aanvanklike) :: Frankly the initial material and words of advice in Wine Fundamentals are absolutely superb and sensible
68. initiative (inisiatief) :: Of the four festivals held by the movement between 1990 and 1994 only the first can truly qualify as a thoroughly independent initiative
69. injure (beseer) :: He missed the last round of racing at Thruxton after injuring his back at Oulton Park a few weeks earlier
71. injury (besering) :: In each case there was evidence consistent with recently inflicted deliberate injury
73. inner (innerlike) :: But by launching into the realm of her inner thoughts it makes the show less about the work and more about her
74. innocent (onskuldige) :: In the US justice system if an innocent man found guilty at trial does not feign guilt and remorse he is likely to be mercilessly punished
75. insect (insekte) :: Carnivorous animals will eat live insects and some will eat mice and rats
76. insert (voeg) :: Bacteriophages insert their genetic material into bacterial DNA
77. inside (binne) :: It is certainly one of the strangest sights seeing someones belly distend outwards as it is pushed from the inside
78. insist (aandring) :: However he insists that this can only be good for the development of his players
79. install (installeer) :: The unusual factor is that when she was 12 years old she was installed as mayoress of Umtata
80. instance (byvoorbeeld) :: In these instances it is important that the change team take the trouble to identify all the processes in use and to assess their scope and integrity

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