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61. history (geskiedenis) :: The plays fall into the categories of history tragedy comedy and tragicomedy
62. hit (getref) :: he was a real hit with the ladies
63. hobby (stokperdjie) :: Finally the honey buzzards young griffon vultures and hobbies mark the end of the spring or prenuptial migration around the end of June
64. hold (hou) :: the car can hold six people
65. hole (gat) :: a foxs hole
66. holiday (vakansie) :: Lets have a twoweek break and go on holiday next January
67. hollow (hol) :: The framework is basically a hollow cylinder of collagenous connective tissue the skin
68. holy (heilige) :: From his garb I see that he is a Swami a Hindu holy man
69. home (huis) :: Smith then held off the challenge of two defenders and slotted the ball home from fifteen yards
70. homework (huiswerk) :: It was yet another role for which he had done his homework well ahead
71. honest (eerlik) :: All the refugees on the projects books have one thing in common a desire to get a job and earn an honest living
72. honestly (eerlik) :: Well if an officer of your rank with clout and a good deal of power and influence does not speak out do you honestly expect that others below your rank would
73. honour (eer) :: Last but not least I deem it an honour and a rare privilege to write about her
74. hook (haak) :: She responds with a right hook and catches him off guard
75. hope (hoop) :: he does see some hope for the future

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