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61. employment (indiensneming) :: But does this responsibility not also extend to parents in paid employment
62. empty (leƫ) :: So with changes in k the core for this example progresses from an interval to a point to the empty set
63. enable (in staat te stel) :: Yet service providers are relatively constrained when it comes to enabling Ethernet services
64. encounter (ontmoeting) :: Durrow had won the earlier league encounter and started in a very determined fashion
65. encourage (moedig) :: The idea of reducing the refuse collections is a good one and should help encourage recycling
66. encouragement (aanmoediging) :: At each step of the way the characters provide lots of friendly encouragement
67. end (einde) :: Alternatively you can telephone the phone numbers given at the end of this piece
68. ending (eindig) :: There are certain nerve endings that extend from the spine to the arms legs hands feet and all over the body
69. enemy (vyand) :: The bulk of the infantry was kept back out of range of the enemy guns ready to counterattack
70. energy (energie) :: A man may want to do much but he has only so much time only so much mental and physical energy
71. engage (betrek) :: they attempted to engage Anthony in conversation
72. engaged (besig) :: His parents look at each other and back at the engaged couple on the bed
73. engine (enjin) :: The engine roared and the instrument panel in front flickered into action
74. engineer (ingenieur) :: If so I can assure you as a practical aeronautical engineer that such a trip is neither fantastic nor impractical
75. engineering (ingenieurswese) :: He said all avenues had been explored regarding the siting of the overflow system but underneath Wigan Road was the only possible location due to the engineering of the existing sewer system
76. enjoy (geniet) :: The planning process on the other hand enjoys the benefits of sequential planning
78. enjoyment (genot) :: Ive thought about who could get use or enjoyment out of my possessions and have written down who should receive them
79. enormous (enorme) :: He has enormous potential and if he continues like this he will certainly make it
80. enough (genoeg) :: Id had more than enough to eat

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