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61. depressed (depressief) :: The study found the antidepressant effect of BT to be robust among psychotic depressed and elderly depressed patients
62. depressing (depressiewe) :: In both cases there are depressing effects on other sectors as well
63. depth (diepte) :: It looks like we have a long way to go before we can cheerfully mix images and cell backgrounds using any colour over every colour depth
64. derive (herlei) :: Rather what it does demonstrate is a shared outlook deriving from a common ideological source
65. describe (beskryf) :: He was considered one of the best describers of the court on radio
66. description (beskrywing) :: On the tube yesterday travellers of every description could be heard auditing their families
67. desert (woestyn) :: The longer we stay the harder it will be to leave because of the resources wasted on this sad desert land
69. deserve (verdien) :: There is no quick fix or simple solution and the Executive deserves credit for the start it has made
70. design (ontwerp) :: pottery with a lovely blue and white design
71. desire (begeerte) :: From her earliest student shorts repressed sexual desire has been a consistent undercurrent in the New Zealanders work
72. desk (lessenaar) :: She looked ahead and saw Llewellyn sitting at a desk writing something
74. despite (ten spyte van) :: We are in a city ravaged by war where the menfolk rally round a new leader despite their misgivings
75. destroy (vernietig) :: Hugos deepseated jealousy of O drives him to set in motion a plan to destroy him by ruining his relationship with Desi
76. destruction (vernietiging) :: Sadly society has become inured to the wholesale destruction of human embryos
77. detail (besonderhede) :: In the wake of this I wonder who he is going to give toilet detail to
78. detailed (gedetailleerde) :: The bedrock of Cheticamps craft industry is rug hooking delicate and very detailed work done mostly by women in their own homes
79. determination (bepaling) :: Did anyone mention a sharp declining malefemale ratio existing female infanticide and increased selective abortion of the female fetus through sex determination
80. determine (bepaal) :: We need additional research to determine what remediation methods are most appropriate for which kinds of student impairment

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