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61. chairperson (voorsitter) :: In the last three years there has been a massive and pointless process of appointing directors chairpersons executives committees and managers of proposals objections enquiries planning and publishing and consultation
62. challenge (uitdaging) :: She has to judge the strength of the challenge from the other crews and dictate the response of her own crew
63. challenging (uitdagend) :: The evaluation of suicide risk is a challenging clinical task
64. chamber (kamer) :: The underground chamber is actually a large cave halflight reflecting off a channel of water in the centre of the cave
65. chance (kans) :: Baby Gabi was born threeandahalf months premature and was given only a 25 percent chance of survival
66. change (verandering) :: Consumers should also in turn not accept the old cash as change unless they want to make a trip to the bank
67. channel (kanaal) :: Chairman Tom Fitzgerald said due to the present depth of the channel large vessels were restricted in entering the area
68. chapter (hoofstuk) :: My mother covered him with blankets and a neighbor phoned the local chapter of the Humane Society for help
69. character (karakter) :: Lets pray my husband has the same courage and strength of character
70. characteristic (eienskap) :: Alongside these broad visions is characteristic attention to detail
71. charge (hef) :: the plan is to charge headlong at the enemy
72. charity (liefdadigheid) :: I repeated my own news adding that I hoped he and his friends could express their Christian charity and help my friend in his time of need
73. chart (grafiek) :: Items on a table included an air chart of the US and a flight instruction manual
74. chase (jaag) :: The chase ended in just a few blocks with the men crashing their car
75. chat (gesels) :: If you would like to give some time to furthering the caring work of the centre ring to get an appointment for an informal chat
76. cheap (goedkoop) :: Some coffee shops and cheap restaurants were open and even the citys doubledecker public buses were moving in very light traffic
78. cheat (oneerlik) :: The practice becomes illegal when done surreptitiously to cheat the consumer or defraud the taxman
79. check (tjek) :: Currently no formal driving test or health check is needed before a person can get behind the wheel of a motorised scooter
80. cheek (wang) :: He even had the cheek to object when I insisted that it had to be coloured in

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