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61. advice (advies) :: he sought advice from his doctor
62. advise (adviseer) :: No I dont mind people buying proof copies but Id advise against buying them to collect
63. affair (verhouding) :: he washed his hands of the whole affair
64. affect (invloed) :: dont let that affect you
65. affection (liefde) :: But it had been so long since Id received any kind of physical affection that I let it continue
66. afford (bekostig) :: No publishing house of our size had ever won the prize and we consequently couldnt afford to go in there with high expectations
67. afraid (bang) :: Im afraid that what he alludes to is only a possibility among others and not in my view the most likely one
68. after (na) :: she was the best dressed after Aoife
69. afternoon (middag) :: The pool is open afternoon s and weekends with lifeguards on duty during all working hours
71. again (weer) :: so again well pay for the mess
72. against (teen) :: clubs play against each other
73. age (ouderdom) :: Imagine youre over 60 years of age and a squatter living in the largest slum in Kenya
74. aged (bejaardes) :: Defenders of the president have suggested that the documents may have been made recently with a computer or word processor and then copied many times to give them an aged appearance
75. agency (agentskap) :: The event has been organised by marketing agency Food from Britain in conjunction with Selfridges
77. aggressive (aggressiewe) :: Facing the most aggressive and competitive media in the world spin is vital
78. ago (gelede) :: it came two days ago
79. agree (stem) :: I have to say that I dont agree with this from a moral viewpoint
80. agreement (ooreenkoms) :: we just couldnt come to an agreement

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