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41. west (weste) :: The same cannot be said about the scenic west Sligo area of Skreen which is experiencing the warmth of growth
42. western (westelike) :: To date the infection appears to be contained to an area on the western edge of the forest
43. wet (nat) :: But tension is mounting as recreational fishers complain about not being able to find room on the water to wet their lines
44. what (wat) :: Read what information is available and pick up some tips on how to lessen the risk to yourself
45. whatever (alles) :: And so it is that no matter whatever evils are abroad Hope has not left us entirely
46. wheel (wiel) :: Overhead the stars wheel in the heavens and a bright bright moon shines down on the fields and on the house itself for its clear tonight
47. when (wanneer) :: There are moments when Caribbean winds normally an elixir get a bit out of hand
48. whenever (wanneer) :: This sort of saving can be made whenever marginal abatement costs are not equal
49. where (waar) :: where will we play the game
50. whereas (terwyl) :: The desks have damaged the walls whereas a more appropriate choice could have prevented such damage
51. wherever (waarokal) :: Weve never believed in hitandrun touring or just going wherever is available
52. whether (of) :: He gives me an inquisitive look as if to enquire whether something is the matter
53. which (watter) :: which is your favourite poet
54. while (terwyl) :: Officers parked a decoy car with items left in full view while they watched from an unmarked vehicle nearby
55. whisper (fluister) :: For all that however we have heard not a whisper of apology from those responsible
56. whistle (fluitjie) :: you can go home and whistle for your wages
57. white (wit) :: The major causes were white lust for land and the gap between Indian and white cultures
58. who (wie) :: youd love to know who sent the flowers

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