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41. unlikely (onwaarskynlik) :: There are historical reasons why I am like this and I am most unlikely to change
42. unload (los) :: But if you never really liked them all that well to begin with this might be a good time to unload them
43. unlucky (ongelukkig) :: I realise this in itself is not evidence of my unluckiness more sheer clumsiness
44. unnecessary (onnodige) :: After all we do not want to waste unnecessary monies just on restricting his movements
45. unpleasant (onaangename) :: Lynndie England however unpleasant is not the the villain of this debacle
46. unreasonable (onbillik) :: Of course there are those that would be displeased no matter what he does secondary to their unreasonable bias
47. unsteady (onvas) :: However economic growth was unsteady and its prosperity distributed very unevenly
48. unsuccessful (onsuksesvol) :: It unsuccessfully tried to stop the Ravenscraig development in the Court of Session in Edinburgh last month
49. untidy (slordig) :: This means that the cemetery has a very untidy unkempt appearance but this will soon change
50. until (totdat) :: As soon as the flames go out add the cider and boil until the liquid has reduced by half
51. unusual (ongewone) :: Among his more unusual jobs had been providing a quote for a trap to capture the Loch Ness Monster
53. unwilling (onwillig) :: Some voters came willingly some unwillingly a major chunk kept away because of a boycott call by separatists
54. upon (op) :: An American ship came to the island upon which we were being kept and we were freed
55. upper (boonste) :: In the villages an automobile is an unusual and significant symbol of upper social status
56. upset (omgekrap) :: Sir Edward was being treated in Salzburg for a minor stomach upset when the pulmonary embolism was discovered
59. upstairs (boontoe) :: We also want to put in wooden floors upstairs to replace the carpets and redecorate the hall and both of the big bedrooms
60. upward (opwaartse) :: The main concern is with the vertical upward forces which act on the plant producing an uprooting tendency

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