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41. recognize (erken) :: His voice was so soft I could hardly recognize it
42. recommend (aanbeveel) :: Computer science students IT consultants and business managers will find valuable material in this highly recommendable book
43. record (rekord) :: In three years we have compiled a record of achievement that is impressive by peacetime standards
44. recording (opname) :: A speaker is designed to enhance the sound of a recording and a monitor is designed to give an accurate uncolored representation
45. recover (herstel) :: One of the primary tasks of the Commissioners is to recover those taxes which Parliament has decreed shall be paid
46. red (rooi) :: In the image however the shortest wavelengths are represented as blue while the longest are coloured in red
47. reduce (verminder) :: you can reduce the text
48. reduction (vermindering) :: After reduction the print should be agitated in rapid fixer for 30 seconds before toning
49. refer (verwys) :: The amount of time people spend contending with each other there quoting articles and referring to other sources
50. reference (verwysing) :: Above all however this is very much a working collection virtually every book having within its pages a series of paper slips marking relevant information for easy reference in teaching and research
51. reflect (reflekteer) :: He said The successful conclusion of this ambitious project reflects well on all concerned
52. reform (hervorming) :: There is definitely enough money to set up institutions to reform people who are criminals
53. refrigerator (yskas) :: Television sets air conditioning and refrigerators are common in modern Bahraini homes
54. refusal (weiering) :: The executives refusal to accept the committees decision has caused outrage among Labour backbenchers
55. refuse (weier) :: Both are intense competitors who refuse to concede defeat
56. regard (verband) :: she had a particular regard for Eliot
57. regarding (met betrekking tot) :: No I refer to judgements made about a decade ago regarding the York Barbican development
58. region (streek) :: Namibia last week scored an African first with the introduction of video conferencing facilities in all its administrative regions
59. regional (plaaslike) :: This summer in Lincoln after breezing through the sevenstate regionals in Oregon Sean qualified for the junior amateur category and won his own national championship
60. register (registreer) :: boy trebles singing in a high register

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