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41. pay (betaal) :: If you kill someone you must pay with your own life no matter what the cause
42. payment (betaling) :: payment method
43. peace (vrede) :: Neither party will trust the other to implement any peace agreement on its own
44. peaceful (vreedsame) :: In short it rules out anything that would disturb peaceful trade among individuals
45. peak (hoogtepunt) :: Where the White Mountains come to an end is the great peak of Mount Mindolluin
47. pencil (potlood) :: Use lightningfast strokes of brow pencil to help define brows that are wellgroomed
48. penny (pennie) :: They also included a selection of threepenny bits a 1916 halfpenny and a penny piece from 1921
49. pension (pensioen) :: These deal with enquiries and claims for pension credit the state pension and winter fuel allowance
50. people (mense) :: Its not going to change until people from my generation the baby boomers start to die
51. pepper (peper) :: Add a smear of oil then season the steak with sea salt and ground pepper and place in the pan
53. per cent (persent) ::
54. perfect (perfekte) :: In the minds ear one has an ideal of the perfect performance of a piece
55. perfectly (perfek) :: Around them the paddies are such a perfectly unsullied shade of green they dont seem real
56. perform (uit te voer) :: The members of the club committee at present perform the dual role of branch and club committee
57. performance (optrede) :: A few tickets remain for the matinee performance at 130 pm Saturday but the evening performance is sold out
59. perhaps (miskien) :: At the same time it would be perhaps a bit rash to suppose that much smaller surfaces would fail to be flat as well
60. period (tydperk) :: Each of the five apartments is spacious and wellequipped and decorated in period style

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