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42. operate (werk) :: a shortage of workers to operate new machines
43. operation (operasie) :: It provides a solution to the old problem of what legal rule allows a casualty surgeon to perform an urgent operation on an unconscious patient who is brought into hospital
44. opinion (opinie) :: This changed climate of European political opinion cannot but have an influence on the single currency referendum in Britain
46. opportunity (geleentheid) :: equality of opportunity
47. oppose (teenstaan) :: But I dont think the paper provides any reason for opposing them the argument has to be conducted on other grounds
48. opposed (teenstelling) :: The wave of opposition to war crimes comes from millions of people across all communities absolutely opposed to racism in all forms
50. opposite (teenoorgestelde) :: The police admit that on such roads there is a tendency among drivers to speed since there are no vehicles approaching from the opposite side
51. opposition (opposisie) :: Poe the frontrunner for a faction of the divided political opposition cornered 31 percent of the respondents
52. option (opsie) :: she was given the option of resigning or being dismissed
53. orange (oranje) :: Until now it has not been possible for example to market a drink containing both orange and cream said Muir
54. order (orde) :: Last month the government confirmed an order for two aircraft carriers at a cost of 3 billion
55. ordinary (gewone) :: Luxurious style fine craftsmanship and authentic details elevate Aladdin Resort amp Casino far above the ordinary
56. organ (orrel) :: Similarly in Darska Rimbaud overlays a stuttering beat with the rising chords of a church organ and voices
57. organization (organisasie) :: States could raise armies but they lacked the resources and organization to turn them into effective instruments of policy
58. organize (organiseer) :: It established freedom of the press although hardly for the reactionary press freedom of speech the right to strike and to organize trade unions
59. organized (georganiseer) :: The authors outline the history of organized labour in Canadian politics and the unique relationship established between unions and the party in 1961
60. origin (oorsprong) :: Let u and v denote two positions on a chromosome measured in a scale in morgan units with the coordinate origin at the target locus

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