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41. night (nag) :: At night it will glow bright white and it will look quite beautiful
42. nine (nege) :: The survey also showed that crimes of vandalism had increased by almost onefifth over the same period with some of the culprits aged as young as nine
43. nineteen (negentien) :: The nineteen TibetoBurmanspeaking groups include nine groups that speak Karen languages
44. ninety (negentig) :: part ninety of the course
45. ninth (negende) :: at the end of the ninth century
46. nobody (niemand) :: The eyes say quite fiercely that nobody is going to take his achievements from him
47. noise (geraas) :: She was cut short when we heard a loud noise outside
48. noisy (lawaaierige) :: When buying for children look for toys which are noisy and loud and annoying
50. none (niemand) :: They asked for a reason why the prosecution was discontinued but have been given none
51. nonsense (nonsens) :: Guys can you stop all this nonsense for just few minutes Kaoru said and stood inbetween them
52. no one (niemand) ::
53. nor (nie) :: The irony is that Robben was not allowed to complete the match nor even take much part in the second half
54. normal (normaal) :: Hes just a normal person that probably has a few mental issues he needs to deal with
56. north (noord) :: To the north of the site is Lynn Medical Centre and directly opposite the site are the grounds of Ashford Castle
57. northern (noordelike) :: In the afternoon we went on a tour of the United Nations offices located towards the northern end of the city
58. nose (neus) :: A strange musk disguised the Knights scent from the keen nose of the werewolf
59. not (nie) :: Often it is not possible for everyone to agree to stay in jail for solidarity purposes
60. note (noot) :: I crumpled the note as best I could and threw it over the wall

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