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41. increase (Verhoog) :: No money was available to cover pay rises and if increases were given jobs could be lost
42. increasingly (toenemend) :: Increasingly government representatives are jettisoning any pretense of opposition to war
43. indeed (inderdaad) :: Whod believe it Who indeed
44. independence (onafhanklikheid) :: None had become pregnant in the hope of gaining a council house or financial independence
45. independent (onafhanklike) :: Support for independent candidates and smaller parties has also risen but in the locals rather than the Euro elections
46. index (indeks) :: Clinical assessments of the venous ulcers based on the criteria of the severity scale were performed and each ulcer was assigned a severity index score
47. indicate (dui) :: Market signs indicate this trend will continue to be important in the future
48. indication (aanduiding) :: For many women the first indication of pregnancy is a missed period
49. indirect (indirekte) :: The grants may not be used for salary or to pay indirect costs
50. individual (individuele) :: Separate individual competitions for men and women are scheduled and they will be divided into junior and senior groups
51. indoor (binnenshuise) :: The rise of the indoor soccer centre may not after all be behind the sharp decline in park football
52. indoors (binnenshuis) :: The howling sent numerous shivers down his spine but he carried on eager to reach the warmth of the indoors
53. industrial (industriƫle) :: Being an industrial town renowned for the innumerable smallscale industries Coimbatore is no longer a place with old gadgets and ageold systems
54. industry (bedryf) :: The court is siding with the entertainment industry in its effort to curb online piracy
55. inevitable (onvermydelike) :: But in the end it appeared to be a final desperate attempt to avoid the inevitable
56. inevitably (onvermydelik) :: Inevitably stroke will affect all of us either directly or indirectly at some time or another
57. infect (besmet) :: Somewhat reassured the group try to settle down to enjoy the rest of their vacation unaware that the diseased mans body is face down in the reservoir infecting their water supply
59. infection (infeksie) :: In children the major causes of anemia are dietary iron deficiency and infection
60. infectious (aansteeklike) :: Clean bathroom surfaces also help prevent the spread of infectious germs

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