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41. helpful (nuttig) :: The local anglers are friendly and helpful and the fly fishing can be excellent
42. hence (vandaar) :: Undernutrition is hence not only a consequence of poverty but also a cause
43. her (haar) :: the rest of her life
44. here (hier) :: Little is wrote about him elsewhere so here is my small attempt to address the balance
45. hero (held) :: The first dismissal arrived just two minutes later when Hale turned from hero to villain
46. hers (hare) :: we went round to hers
47. herself (haarself) :: Mollie then left her job to stay at home to make a home life for her father and herself
48. hesitate (huiwer) :: Ely moved closer slowly hesitating unsure how she might react
49. hide (verberg) :: Shy and solitary by nature tapirs are often hunted in their native countries for their hide which is tough and leathery
50. high (hoƫ) :: Lydon has much to offer but Woodward elevated him to high office incredibly early in his coaching career
51. highlight (hoogtepunt) :: I won many tournaments during the early 80s but my equal first at the 1981 US Open was the highlight for that period
52. highly (hoogs) :: his colleagues think very highly of him
53. highway (snelweg) :: Most of the main roads and highways in the city are high enough to have escaped the flooding
54. hill (Hill) :: But all this variety and good looks wouldnt amount to a hill of slush without some solid control
55. him (hom) :: George Ryans work on the death penalty has brought him mention as a contender for the peace prize
56. himself (self) :: its himself I was looking for
58. hire (huur) :: Car hire is only available with a driver in Phnom Penh and Angkor Wat
59. his (sy) :: Mr Brown might care to look at another report which came out only hours before his own
60. historical (historiese) :: To that end Grass says theyre playing the archetypes rather than the historical figures

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