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42. federal (federale) :: Some 95 percent of its budget is derived from a variety of federal government funding
43. fee (fooi) :: Some or all of the claimants entered into conditional fee agreements with their solicitors after they had been refused legal aid
44. feed (voer) :: The rubber grinding machine includes a feed tube a grinding module a conveyor a screening module and a vacuum system
45. feel (voel) :: I feel better and more capable and more attractive now than I have ever felt in my life
46. feeling (gevoel) :: she had a great feeling for poetry
47. fellow (mede) :: One man a large fellow with arms like steel girders stormed towards them demanding to know what they were doing
48. female (vroulike) :: The baby boomer audience mainly female hung on his every note nuance and gesture
49. fence (heining) :: But if he is being approached by criminals keen to fence stolen mobiles it is a certain bet other less scrupulous people are too
50. festival (fees) :: Torrential rain and vandalism marred Settles annual flag festival and Sheep Shambles
51. fetch (haal) :: The collection is expected to fetch a total of about 25 million in a landmark sale lasting two days on February 19 and 20
52. fever (koors) :: Patients commonly reported headache fever nausea or vomiting stiff neck and photophobia
53. few (paar) :: the memory of those few days will never fade
54. field (veld) :: Even in the fastest field game in the world you get a second every now and again
55. fifteen (vyftien) :: he plays for the first fifteen
56. fifth (vyfde) :: Pearl taught school for forty years usually fifth grade
57. fifty (vyftig) :: At a time when there are a lot of houses unoccupied in the Killarney urban area there is massive speculation with some companies and individuals owning anything from five to fifty houses
58. fight (stryd) :: Governments must fight corruption respect basic human rights and embrace the rule of law
59. figure (figuur) :: A dark figure emerged from one side of the street and another from the other side
60. file (lĂȘer) :: to file the edge smooth

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