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42. elevator (hysbak) :: More and more people began filling in the elevator pressing April towards the back corner
43. eleven (elf) :: It was five after eleven and she still hadnt shown
44. else (anders) :: he was somewhere else at the time
45. elsewhere (elders) :: they were sent elsewhere
47. embarrass (in die verleentheid) :: Max humiliates and embarrasses me all the time so I dont know this made me happy
48. embarrassed (skaam) :: Handel himself was not financially embarrassed nor did his reputation suffer
49. embarrassing (verleentheid) :: Now Seoul is in the uncomfortable position of having to accept an embarrassingly low bid
50. embarrassment (verleentheid) :: Among other embarrassments the firms were run by felons and hired felons to make the prolaw enforcement pitch
51. emerge (na vore) :: In this simulation a noticeable warm pattern emerges in the 1980s and 1990s
52. emergency (nood) :: AviationSafety has a compilation gallery of emergency exits
53. emotion (emosie) :: Many actors play down the intellectual side of their work and talk instead about operating on emotion and instinct
54. emotional (emosionele) :: I am quite an emotional person but I am shrouded in a fairly straight exterior
55. emphasis (klem) :: But she particularly likes its emphasis on the spiritual rather than the material
56. emphasize (beklemtoon) :: And the complexity of humans is something that is emphasized throughout this book
57. empire (ryk) :: Of course empire builders cannot tolerate competition and he must be eliminated
58. employ (diens) :: However there is a reason that people are leaving your employ
59. employee (werknemer) :: The other patients pay for their care at cost while federal government employees are entitled to special privileges
60. employer (werkgewer) :: In May the government made employers responsible for checking the immigration status of their workers

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