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41. catch (vang) :: He lowered himself while Jason stood just below him to catch him if he fell
42. category (kategorie) :: These fundamental categories are a priori that is they exist prior to experience
43. cause (oorsaak) :: matrimonial cause
44. cease (ophou) :: He never ceased to amaze his staff and students with new and exciting ideas
45. ceiling (plafon) :: The maximum cruise speed of the aircraft is 500 km per hour and the altitude ceiling 9500 m
46. celebrate (vier) :: Birthdays and anniversaries are celebrated grandly sometimes the stars are even gifted with crowns or other expensive items
48. cell (sel) :: He was a man who delighted in escaping from the business of life into his scriptoriolum a small library attached to his monastic cell
49. cell phone (loopfoon) ::
50. cent (sent) :: Protests were led by many of New Zealands top players none of whom takes a cent in appearance money for their national open
52. central (sentrale) :: Council cabinet members next week are expected to approve a proposal that would see the pilot project extended to cover the Maltby and central Rotherham area
53. centre (sentrum) ::
54. century (eeu) :: The cross bow loops in the south wall are similar to an example in the west wall of Whites Castle and may be dated to the fifteenth century
55. ceremony (seremonie) :: Behind all the pomp and ceremony of Louis XIVs court the ancien regime was rotting
56. certain (sekere) :: A vote on this issue was withdrawn last week as it was certain to be defeated
57. certainly (beslis) :: Certainly madam he replied
58. certificate (sertifikaat) :: The cause of death is not on the certificate but we will be told early this week
59. chain (ketting) :: And the Rayong plant may have the distinction of operating the worlds longest supply chain
60. chair (stoel) :: They fear this peaceful drug dealer and because of this fear they want him to die by the chair of electrocution

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