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41. become (geword) :: Over a period of ten minutes I saw them become violent and begin twisting in all sorts of directions
43. bedroom (slaapkamer) :: It is currently run as a hotel and has three public rooms and eight bedrooms
44. beef (beesvleis) :: Explain that it is your mission as a host and a cook to take their experience of roast beef to a new level
45. beer (bier) :: One of them asked me if I wanted one of his beers when I was enjoying a burger outside a fast food restaurant
46. before (voor) :: I would die before helping you destroy the human race he said
48. beginning (begin) :: It is a hazard of the job for which you prepare yourself from the beginning
49. behalf (namens) :: The hospital is also keen to hear from those interested in fundraising on its behalf
50. behave (optree) :: Each gun behaves a little differently depending upon their weight making it more challenging to aim and change targets
51. behaviour (gedrag) :: Perhaps this is because they mimic evolved solutions so their behaviour seems more natural
52. behind (agter) :: She heard her feet running and she also heard another set of feet following close behind her
53. belief (geloof) :: his belief in the value of hard work
54. believe (glo) :: he didnt believe her or didnt want to know
55. bell (klok) :: a bell tinkled as he went in the shop
56. belong (behoort) :: It was fulfilling to see a club that has battled against adversity for so long finally get back to where they believe they rightly belong
57. below (onder) :: our nutritionist is pictured below right
58. belt (gordel) :: The Scottish electricity network is strong in the central belt but in areas such as the Galloway hills and the north west the same cant be said
59. bend (draai) :: Weights were then progressively added to the weighing boat which caused the petiole to bend curving upwards
60. beneath (onder) :: The brick pillars pilae supported the floor of the bathhouse and allowed the hot air to circulate beneath

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