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381. swallow (sluk) :: As the disease progresses the person may even forget how to swallow food and walk and need assistance in all daily activities
382. swear (sweer) :: Many have pointed out the absurdity of asking new citizens to swear an oath to the Queen when a large number of citizens born here would probably refuse to do the same
384. sweat (sweet) :: Although there is a sensation of heat evaporation of sweat from the forehead and chest results in a drop in temperature in these areas
385. sweater (trui) :: Even with her wool sweaters shirts leggings socks and cloak she was still cold
387. sweet (soet) :: For Burrell however who blames Charles for the stress he was put through in the court case revenge has been sweet and very lucrative
388. swell (deining) :: During a major swell surfable waves might break beyond the ends of the rocks
389. swelling (swelsel) :: Fungal infections of the scalp can cause kerions pus filled inflammatory swellings that may look like bacterial abscesses
390. swim (swem) :: She had just finished a refreshing swim in the pool
391. swimming (swem) :: They should also be able to give a view on how other swimming and sports facilities can be modernised
392. swimming pool (swembad) ::
393. swing (swaai) :: But she also raises health and education as major election issues that could yet swing her vote
394. switch (skakelaar) :: The two of us decided this was a good time to switch roles he would be the hoist operator and I would be the swimmer
395. swollen (geswel) ::
396. symbol (simbool) :: That the symbol of freedom was both a distant star and a symbol of the African communal past is no small irony
397. sympathetic (simpatieke) :: Before you started your research had you been sympathetic toward the idea of antidepressants
398. sympathy (simpatie) :: The landed gentry had some sympathy with popular resentment of the activities of moneyed and mercantile entrepreneurs
399. system (stelsel) :: Pakistani players are currently paid per match according to a grading system based on seniority

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