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21. unemployment (werkloosheid) :: The low level of unemployment has also been a major contributor to growth
22. unexpected (onverwagte) :: Current research on the brain should prepare us all for the unexpected and the surprising
23. unfair (onregverdige) :: their team had an unfair advantage
24. unfortunate (ongelukkige) :: Ive been telling my friends for some time that theres little you can do if youre unfortunate enough to be at the epicenter of a terrorist attack
25. unfortunately (Ongelukkig) :: If four of the above signs sounded familiar unfortunately you may have a problem
26. unfriendly (onvriendelike) :: It has all the elements of one of his books a cold unfriendly world full of horrible children
27. unhappy (ongelukkig) :: She responded by encouraging Eliza to leave her unhappy marriage and her new baby
29. unimportant (onbelangrik) :: The public needs to see how useful mathematics can be not how it can be applied to unimportant meaningless things
30. union (unie) :: At university the weekly karaoke in the students union was dominated by people who thought they were on Pop Idol and were there for only one reason to be the best singer and win the crate of lager
31. unique (unieke) :: Its been a unique opportunity for young dancers in Swindon as all the teachers began with us
32. unit (eenheid) :: The bright en suite bathroom has a corner bath with telephone shower attachment a bidet and a sink unit
33. unite (verenig) :: With the marriage both kingdoms were united but there were some who disliked the marriage
34. united (Verenigde) :: Recently I took Aaryn to Old Trafford for his first United game which he loved
35. universe (heelal) :: If the universe is expanding at any time and is closed the expansion will slow down in the future
36. university (universiteit) :: Im happy to be back with my family and Im looking forward to university
37. unkind (onvriendelike) :: You call me in to see and I explain that it would be unkind to leave it there it might crawl to the floor we must take care that no one squashes it
38. unknown (onbekend) :: As Shawn and I were continuing our way to unknown territory I spotted a familiar figure leaving some disco with a few other people
39. unless (tensy) :: you have no reason to go there unless youre particularly interested in music
40. unlike (In teenstelling met) :: Despite these contradictions Bangkok possesses an unmistakable sense of place and unlike other cities cannot be divorced from its culture

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