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21. satisfy (Bevredig) :: social services is trying to satisfy the needs of so many different groups
24. sauce (sous) :: New York pizza contrary to the reputation is among the worst in the country its usually made hours in advance and its generally sauceless
25. save (red) :: Little white lies could save someones feelings and prevent them from having to face bitter truths
26. saving (spaar) :: What is the point of saving money if those savings are not invested more wisely
27. say (sê) :: The government believed that the army had too much say in politics and determined to reduce its influence
28. scale (skaal) :: the conversion of the number to the binary scale
29. scare (bang) :: He continued down the path wondering what the rumbling meant and why people were so scared of it
30. scared (bang) :: It was odd how dressing unusually could cause people to feel scared and intimidated of you
31. scene (toneel) :: It is difficult for women to retaliate in public without creating a scene and inviting stares when something like this happens
32. schedule (skedule) :: While the network is years away from establishing a primetime schedule complete with its own brand of original programming PAX is making inroads
33. scheme (skema) :: Initially she was tempted to drift off into fantasies or use the time to plot or scheme but she knew this was wrong
34. school (skool) :: I asked him how the villages paid for their half of building and supporting a school
35. science (wetenskap) :: The book has lessons for the new field of conservation medicine veterinary science applied to wild populations
36. scientific (wetenskaplike) :: He is eagerly interested in anything scientific in nature and careless about the feelings of people around him
37. scientist (wetenskaplike) :: Forensic scientists believe she was aged between 20 and 40 and a nonsmoker
38. scissors (skêr) :: Grabbing a cube of ice a pair of scissors and her threaded needle she returned to her patient
39. score (telling) :: The three rings score 5 10 or 15 points if the disk lands within them respectively
40. scratch (krap) :: He got out of it without a scratch but the car was totalled and it was a hundred and something thousand dollars worth of car

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