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21. reader (leser) :: Quiet and serious he was an avid reader whose choice of reading material revealed fundamentalist tendencies which made him easily fall prey to a terrorist cell
22. reading (lees) :: In fact most of the letters make depressing reading so Ill move on
23. ready (gereed) :: Doubts resolved he is now committed eager and ready to take up the challenge
24. real (werklike) :: There is real concern that the situation in Darfur could derail the northsouth peace deal
25. realistic (realistiese) :: To achieve a realistic roll a Catholic school will often have to draw in pupils from a very wide area
26. reality (werklikheid) :: This fear thankfully has not become a reality in fact trade in this area is up
27. realize (besef) :: His arm of the bank has realised profits from some of its investments through early refinancing of the deals
28. really (werklik) :: The authorities in all their wisdom really ought to dream up a more appealing format you feel
29. rear (agterste) :: After fighting for another 30 hours with the wound he finally went to the rear where he was treated for internal injuries
30. reason (rede) :: Does he not realise that the main reason most people dont use the bus is that they are slow inconvenient and inefficient
31. reasonable (redelike) :: Our mission is to provide the surfing public with high quality unique products at a reasonable price
33. recall (Onthou) :: We were the first to call for a recall of parliament
34. receipt (kwitansie) :: Then something like a receipt or a statement came out of the machine and she took ages reading it before reinserting her card and doing the same again
35. receive (ontvang) :: There are now estimated to be 10 million homes in the UK which can receive all of the BBCs digital services
36. recent (onlangse) :: It is worth noting that they have gone up several percentage points in recent polls
37. recently (onlangs) :: shes recently retired
38. reception (ontvangs) :: However his arrival on Capitol Hill is likely to elicit a lukewarm reception
39. reckon (reken) :: The agent reckons that any new owner willing to carry out the approved plans for the development of the site could have a property worth well in excess of 500000
40. recognition (erkenning) :: Stacy glances at us as we emerge but she makes no sign of recognition

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