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21. neighbour (buurman) :: The store and neighbouring areas were blocked off but no bombs were found on the site
22. neighbourhood (buurt) :: Though it is rarely discussed few argue that the poor and oppressed have the political capital necessary to compete for the federal funding and social programs that often go to wealthier cities and neighbourhoods
23. neither (nie) :: He disagrees but neither of us can fight the fact that things are weird
24. nephew (neef) :: On occasion his position became hereditary sons cousins nephews succeeding
25. nerve (senuwee) :: People lose their nerve in the middle of a sentence and walk off muttering they sit and brood by themselves and best yet all the time people are getting stupid drunk
26. nervous (senuweeagtig) :: We were pretty stressed and nervous about taking Arthur after the horrible accident of last weekend
27. nest (nes) :: They would sit at the bottom of the stands with their wares sitting in a nest of ice chipped from a big block answering requests from the fans above them
28. net (netto) :: Approval even came over the radio net to shoot dogs to prevent them from being rigged with explosives
29. network (netwerk) :: network television
30. never (nooit) :: Ill never ever forget him
31. nevertheless (nogtans) :: While his education was intense it was nevertheless exclusively in philosophy
32. new (nuwe) :: The new logo has been created to coincide with the move and to mark new beginnings
33. newly (nuut) :: Hands trembling while holding your newly acquired gadget you dash to your car
34. news (nuus) :: Theres a story in the news reporting that Oxford Street may get a pedestrian fast lane
35. newspaper (koerant) :: Taylor likes to tell the story about how he once invited newspapers to join him on the Net
36. next (volgende) :: In the next room is a bed three mattresses on the floor and a single shelf for their belongings
37. next to (langs) ::
38. nice (lekker) :: Paris is a nice city
40. niece (niggie) :: When one of our children nieces or nephews or close friend is killed or maimed by a drunk driver it will be too late

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