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21. impatient (ongeduldig) :: Like the rest of us he is sometimes short and impatient with those around him and he does not suffer fools gladly
22. implication (implikasie) :: because of her implication in the crime
23. imply (impliseer) :: Immunogenicity does not necessarily imply opsonising antibody production
24. import (invoer) :: Sport imbues the ephemeral and the silly and the transitory with great gravity and its a kind of consolation in a world that buckles beneath meaning and import and significance
25. importance (belangrikheid) :: Most buildings of importance were pulverised and much of the city is still a ruin
26. important (belangrik) :: Underlying this issue is the balance to be struck between two important interests
27. impose (oplê) :: Government officers teachers legal authorities and people working in the education system must not use their position to impose their beliefs and values on other people
28. impossible (onmoontlik) :: For this reason a refund was impossible a situation which we regard as very unfair
29. impress (beïndruk) :: It was a move designed to impress every eye watching
31. impression (indruk) :: In just 30 seconds a commercial can create an indelible impression in the minds of consumers
32. impressive (indrukwekkende) :: It is far more impressive when others discover your good qualities without your help
33. improve (verbeter) :: she began to improve in spirit
34. improvement (verbetering) :: While the results of the survey are encouraging we know there is room for improvement
35. inability (onvermoë) :: He never goes to extremes and has no vices except for the inability to pass up a bargain
36. inch (duim) :: Perhaps that was you the pudgy little yuppieboy who wouldnt budge even an inch to let me get a drink at the bar
37. incident (voorval) :: The first incident happened when riot police were called to a serious disturbance between rival fans at the pub
38. include (insluit) :: The price also includes a private driver and a local guide at sites of interest
40. income (inkomste) :: If there were no one parent families average family incomes would be much higher

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