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21. have (het) :: Soon he will have his right leg amputated at the knee and replaced with a prosthetic limb
22. have to (moet) ::
23. head (kop) :: The directors also revealed that the club is appointing top Australian coach Leo Epifania as head coach
24. headache (hoofpyn) :: But getting to that stage can be fraught with dilemma headaches and expense
25. heal (genees) :: But Foot was seen as a conciliator who would heal divisions in the party
26. health (gesondheid) :: Low levels of autonomy and low self esteem are likely to be related to worse health
27. healthy (gesonde) :: Theres something to be said for healthy competition
28. hear (Hoor) :: The noise of the blast has left him struggling to hear high frequency sounds
29. hearing (gehoor) :: She looked up and found her sight hearing and sense of smell had improved amazingly
30. heart (hart) :: Theres a lot of love in my heart for several of your local bootyshakers
31. heat (hitte) :: The kind and amount of chili peppers you use will determine the chilis heat
33. heaven (hemel) :: We then turned the car towards the retail heaven that is IKEA
34. heavily (swaar) :: The bacterial outbreak was attributed to the use of heavily diluted disinfectant
35. heavy (swaar) :: I cooked more healthfully by omitting heavy sauces and oil using nonfat cooking spray instead
36. heel (hak) :: Jeff said at first it felt uncomfortable as if his hands were higher and the heel of his club was off the ground
37. height (hoogte) :: Climate is in turn controlled not only by latitude but also by height above sea level
38. hell (hel) :: I believe I am making my own hell or heaven now and that my after life will be what I deserve
39. hello (hallo) :: We didnt get the chance to get together this visit but we had nice phone conversation and a waved hello

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