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23. genuine (ware) :: Performed with such brilliance they aptly recreate genuine folk music of the era
24. geography (Aardrykskunde) :: A degree in geography wont affect your enjoyment of this film but knowledge is its own reward
25. get (kry) :: We almost lost the school a few years ago and we do not want to get into that situation again
26. giant (reuse) :: Like all the other identified extrasolar planets the body found orbiting the star in the constellation Lyra is a giant
27. gift (geskenk) :: he has a gift for comedy
28. girl (meisie) :: its a girl cat
29. girlfriend (vriendin) :: When the two develop relationships with girlfriends jealous tempers flare
30. give (gee) :: he did not give his name
31. glad (bly) :: If he does come back Ill be so glad to see him
32. glass (glas) :: Ill have another glass please
33. global (globale) :: Storm clouds are turning ominously dark as global markets become more unsettled by the week
34. glove (handskoen) :: Theres no dayglo in evidence and certainly no signed baseball gloves stuck to the walls
35. glue (gom) :: My eyelids are glued together and I feel like Im doing everything in slow motion
36. goal (doel) :: the aircraft bumped towards our goal some 400 miles to the west
37. god (God) ::
38. gold (goud) :: We are looking at the Aberdare Ridges a chain of mountains that is covered with green gold
39. good (goeie) :: Everything fell into place for us once the game began and the good start was very welcome
40. goodbye (totsiens) :: As they came up to the glass sliding doors quite a crowd of boys waved goodbye

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