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21. effect (effek) :: However the splashing water also created a nostalgic effect on the minds of onlookers
22. effective (effektiewe) :: This is not a pretty movie although it is effective in what it intends to do
23. effectively (effektief) :: What exercise does for me is to help me deal effectively and I hope in a healthy manner with the stress
24. efficient (doeltreffende) :: With age your kidneys become less efficient in removing waste from your bloodstream
25. effort (poging) :: About 40 industry members have been recruited to work on the war effort
26. egg (eier) :: poached egg
27. eight (agt) :: Britains injuryhit thrower Mick Hill failed to make the final eight after pulling up when making his third throw
28. eighteen (agtien) :: Shes seventeen about to turn eighteen but we got married with parental permission
29. eighth (agtste) :: When the Moors conquered most of the known world in the eighth century they used a special technique to aid their cause
30. eighty (tagtig) :: It may be time to require that a future pontiff who reaches the age of eighty be required to resign
31. either (óf) :: a little luck doesnt do any harm either
32. elbow (elmboog) :: Not only does he have enough pouches to store all kinds of oats and grains he also has a chain mail sleeve for his elbow
33. elderly (bejaardes) :: Quite frankly it disgusts me and I do not feel enough is done for elderly people
34. elect (verkies) :: As Luther perceived the Christian heart is fully aware that it continues in sin and in grace together as a sinner and damned as such and as a child of God already elect
35. election (verkiesing) :: a local election
36. electric (elektriese) :: This strippeddown affair featured singer Kelly Jones on acoustic guitar accompanied by piano muted electric guitar and electric bass
38. electricity (elektrisiteit) :: Her address sounded good but electricity charges and fuel prices are still increasing
39. electronic (elektroniese) :: Schmidt sees a huge challenge in trying to understand the interdependencies that exist where electronic networks interface with the physical world
40. elegant (elegante) :: It may be dull but it remains true if you write good stuff and present it elegantly then youll be well read in no time at all

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