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21. debate (debat) :: the national debate on abortion
22. debt (skuld) :: He says that every year or two a movie comes along that owes Stevenson an obvious debt
23. decade (dekade) :: power per decade of frequency
24. decay (verval) :: The sense of urban decay is much more evident and the chaos of the street is not balanced but overwhelming
26. decide (besluit) :: It is not clear when the HFEA will decide on the matter
27. decision (besluit) :: For hundreds of thousands of voters the time of decision is over already
28. declare (verklaar) :: The interest you earn is tax free which means that you keep every penny you receive plus you dont have to declare this income on your tax return which cuts down on paperwork
29. decline (afname) :: So as you can see Ill have to respectfully decline your invitation
30. decorate (versier) :: These chests were beautifully decorated at first mainly made of wood with iron hinges locks and strappings
31. decoration (versiering) :: The veterans were awarded an Active Service Medal a decoration pinned to the chest of servicemen involved in conflict
32. decorative (dekoratiewe) :: Works by relatively unknown artists should be collected now for their decorative value only
33. decrease (afneem) :: The decrease in quarterly rate from 1992 onwards was seen consistently across the regions
34. deep (diep) :: Animals begin to colonize the basalt volcanoes when they are still deep beneath the sea surface
36. defeat (nederlaag) :: The 1940 election saw the defeat of then Mayor Telford
37. defence (verdediging) :: Given the way the accused conducted his defence and the evidence we do not think that any miscarriage of justice has occurred in this particular case
38. defend (verdedig) :: Frontline set up three years ago works to protect and defend human rights workers in danger across the world
39. define (definieer) :: Against a rich blue background heavy lines delineate swooping curves that define a vertical multicolored form with a bulbous yellow protrusion
40. definite (definitiewe) :: I dont really like drum and bass and the album has a definite influence but its not overly mmm overt and on occasions I think the singer sounds a little like Sade

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