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21. barrier (versperring) :: In these areas common cider pairs flocks and broods were concentrated close to barrier islands
22. base (basis) :: a base for shipping operations
23. based (gebaseer) ::
24. basic (basiese) :: Best of all his choreography speaks unabashedly from and to basic human emotions
25. basically (basies) :: we started from a basically simple idea
27. bath (bad) :: The ephah was a dry measure and the bath a liquid measure containing about seven gallons four pints or three pecks three pints
28. bathroom (badkamer) :: Hence the stateofthe art bathrooms with rolltop baths his and her washbasins and shower units with jet sprays
30. battle (stryd) :: the islanders battle with emigration
31. bay (baai) :: She was thrilled with the bay geldings performance especially how easily he made the time
32. beach (strand) :: we dont know what causes whales to beach
33. beak (bek) :: This is enough for Susanna and she raises her hand gently to halt the turtle and avoid any possible clash between beak and mask
34. bear (dra) :: It was pouring with rain so the mouses hair was all spiky and we picked it up in a glass and took it into the front garden but could hardly bear to put it down because it was so cute
35. beard (baard) :: The small head is solid gold in colour with a happy playful expression wide square jaw and a red beard
36. beat (klop) :: In a mixing bowl beat cream cheese and sugar until smooth
37. beautiful (pragtige) :: The huge metal structure that rises from the ground is at once beautiful and disturbing
38. beautifully (pragtig) :: he struck it beautifully
39. beauty (skoonheid) :: Weathered rocks in all shapes sizes and color added to natural beauty of the serene surrounding
40. because (omdat) :: we were worried because of the storm

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