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21. accommodation (akkommodasie) :: Look a little sideways occasionally but most of all remember accommodation to darkness may take up to a half an hour
22. accompany (vergesel) :: Golden yellow and rich brown hues accompany fresh floral accents and ruggedly attractive iron light fixtures
23. according to (Volgens) ::
24. account (rekening) :: I began buying things on account
25. accurate (akkurate) :: accurate information
26. accuse (beskuldig) :: The Minister claimed costs had soared by nearly 40 per cent but he was accused of changing accounting rules
27. achieve (bereik) :: Levine is at her best when she achieves precisely that amount of optical density
28. achievement (prestasie) :: She is being put through her paces by mate Lorraine and says she will feel a sense of achievement in completing the 5km race
29. acid (suur) :: The bitterness and acid in his voice reassured me Peter was still in there but he was very very upset
30. acknowledge (erken) :: We speak the same language understand the same cultural codes and implicitly acknowledge the validity of this type of academic product
31. acquire (verkry) :: The answer is to acquire skills and a deeper understanding of global communications
32. across (oor) :: you could see across the lake
33. act (daad) :: Because its one of my habits to act roles that come out of nowhere for fun
34. action (aksie) :: He saw early action in North Africa where he was awarded a Military Cross and bar
35. active (aktiewe) :: It was indeed a confluence of active minds from various schools in Madurai district
36. activity (aktiwiteit) :: A study in chimpanzees showed lower levels of sexual activity when the females were given oral contraceptives
37. actor (akteur) :: Nonstate actors are to be encouraged to participate in the development process
38. actress (aktrise) :: Delivering the monologues are six actresses each portraying a different type of mother
39. actual (werklike) :: the actual meeting will be open to the public
40. actually (eintlik) :: She was pretty surprised that he actually obeyed her and managed to hide her smile

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