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341. such (soos) :: the instructions are such that you can easily follow them
342. suck (suig) :: But the fact that it sucks doesnt keep it from being real
343. sudden (skielike) :: Susie stayed on in the little place they had till she died very sudden
345. suffer (ly) :: she cant suffer country music
346. suffering (ly) :: Man is a free agent and has the liberty of choosing his sufferings and changes cannot be foreseen
347. sufficient (voldoende) :: If I had not had sufficient cash on me I would have had to find my own way to the nearest cash machine
348. sugar (suiker) :: Look at me sugar he said
349. suggest (stel) :: Horses I suggested to him always seemed far more enigmatic than dogs or even cats
350. suggestion (voorstel) :: there was a suggestion of a smile on his lips
351. suit (pak) :: The brilliant Autumn Winter collection features colours styles and prices to suit every woman
352. suitable (geskik) :: Lots of fish are suitable including salmon and trout but my favourite is sea bass
353. suitcase (tas) :: Where people find suitcases so big and so much to put in them is beyond me
355. sum (som) :: A more careful analysis can be given to show that the sum of this series is 2310345 to five decimal places
356. summary (opsomming) :: It also has summary statements for profit and loss balance sheets and cash flow
357. summer (somer) :: it was a long hot summer
358. sun (son) :: he watched the sun go down over the sea
360. superior (beter) :: The problem is compounded by his shyness his fear of being spotted by a colleague or superior from the shipyard his total lack of experience and the fact that he really doesnt like cheese

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