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321. stripe (streep) :: He was black with searing neon green stripes down his back
322. striped (gestreepte) :: The artist often appears in a black beret and a blackandwhite striped shirt
323. stroke (beroerte) :: In a wetsump engine a shorter stroke also cuts down on oilpressure problems caused by windage and oil aeration
324. strong (sterk) :: The Italians have a huge pack and are physically very strong and hardnosed
325. structure (struktuur) :: A structure built into the tower was in front of me as Kenshin opened the glass doors for me
326. struggle (stryd) :: At the same time their determined struggle against adversity is a source of inspiration for all of us
329. study (studie) :: parttime study
330. stuff (dinge) :: stuff the diet
331. stupid (onnosel) :: Sit for hours on end next to some poxy lake on the half chance that some fish will be stupid enough to bite the hook youve left lying around for them
332. style (styl) :: Consumption is more than just French style and taste it represents the positioning of the self in a larger world
333. subject (onderwerp) :: The issue of gated communities has been a subject of intense public debate and litigation in recent months
334. substance (stof) :: Now everyone arrested in possession of an illegal substance is offered the help of a trained drugs counsellor
335. substantial (aansienlike) :: The property which sits among the substantial Victorian villas of Helensburghs desirable upper west end is laid out over two floors and sits on approximately half an acre of land
337. substitute (plaasvervanger) :: The next day I tell Mike I will look at the photos and try to identify them if they will substitute different photos for any that depict Jamal
338. succeed (slaag) :: The committees appear to have succeeded in achieving that elusive consensus on what needs to be done to dig Scottish education out of the Higher Still morass
339. success (sukses) :: I have been having mixed success in logging into my blogediting area from work
340. successful (suksesvol) :: the successful candidate

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