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301. story (storie) :: This picture is taken from the local Spanish newspaper where the traffic story is front page news
302. stove (stoof) :: We installed smokeless stoves with chimneys in a few huts
303. straight (reguit) :: As the bus pelts towards Paramaribo past scattered dwellings on a dead straight road Im reminded of home
304. strain (druk) :: there was a powerful strain of insanity on her mothers side of the family
305. strange (vreemde) :: It is strange how even when it all comes to an end you never stop loving those people
307. stranger (vreemdeling) :: Unfortunately as a stranger to this small town I did not know the local resources
308. strategy (strategie) :: The second prong of his strategy is to achieve further reforms of the labour market
309. stream (stroom) :: I spat out a stream of the clear liquid quickly before tumbling out of the bathtub face first as I surfaced
310. street (straat) :: The perception that many people have of street beggars and the homeless is that they are a bunch of alcoholics or drug addicts
311. strength (krag) :: Our strength is knowing about complex planning laws
312. stress (spanning) :: Less friction also reduces the stress imposed on the material
313. stressed (beklemtoon) ::
314. stretch (rek) :: its too easyit doesnt stretch me
315. strict (streng) :: We want strict adherence to the Constitution as was intended by the founding fathers
317. strike (staking) :: His beat ranged as far as Broken Hill where he was the unions man on the spot when railway workers went on strike for the first time since the great strike of 1917
318. striking (treffende) :: Conch brought up her left arm just as the man came within striking distance
320. strip (strook) :: Be extremely cautious as as you tighten the screws so not to strip the screw holes

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