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281. stay (bly) :: theyll come for the beer and stay for the music
282. steady (bestendige) :: I will also hold a steady job this fall and am lucky because my parents are pretty good about helping me out
283. steal (steel) :: the chorus is a steal from The Smiths London
284. steam (stoom) :: the last years of steam
285. steel (staal) :: The primary use of zinc is in galvanizing other metals especially iron and steel
286. steep (steil) :: It was a very steep rise from March through to the end of May
287. steer (stuur) :: Cumbrias most popular tourist attraction has a new man at the helm and is looking to steer a course towards future growth
288. step (stap) :: We set off with a springing step me particularly as I had left most of the contents of my small pack at the hut
289. stick (stok) :: She found the stick of butter and put it in the cart
290. sticky (taai) :: The water lapped playfully closer and close to our toes and the cool sand embraced our bodies like a fresh sheet on a sticky summer night
291. stiff (styf) :: She calmed down only after a stiff drink at the reception
292. still (steeds) :: South Africa are on only two points but they have a game in hand and can still win the series
293. sting (angel) :: She found the poison sting still in his body and from the odour she knew that he had come to the child in the form of a scorpion
294. stir (opskudding) :: She did not feel even the slightest stir of love for him
295. stock (voorraad) :: Rather than dumping its stock of surplus Jeeps into Manila Bay the American authorities released them to civilians
296. stomach (maag) :: I cant stomach the selfrighteous attitude of some managers
297. stone (klip) :: The temperature and the pace were so extreme that a passenger lost over half a stone in weight in the 40minute race
299. store (winkel) :: As a store of pure wisdom the book is by common agreement unequaled

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