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241. specific (spesifieke) :: Many of these policies are specific to individual storage devices
242. specifically (spesifiek) ::
243. speech (toespraak) :: Finally finishing her speech she uttered a few last words
244. speed (spoed) :: In Florence he met the Italian Futurists yet unlike them he was less interested in speed and movement than in the effects of colour and light in his work
245. spell (spel) :: After a short spell doing odd jobs in New Plymouth Stans father landed a plum job in south Taranaki
247. spend (spandeer) :: A man may spend his money on attending a concert or hiring a lawyer for example as well as on food or automobiles
248. spice (spesery) :: And if some spice has been added to the dance that is because this comes with a fitness routine
249. spicy (pittige) :: This was braised cubes of lamb in a spicy coconut sauce with fragrant rice for 1550
250. spider (spinnekop) :: To survive the winter they depend on food sources such as berries spiders and insects
252. spirit (gees) :: It passes from the liver to the heart where it revitalises the vital spirit and to brain where it revitalises the animal spirits
253. spiritual (geestelike) :: Some people abstain from sex because of religious or spiritual beliefs or because of personal values
254. spite (ondanks) :: it seemed as if the wind had a spite at her
256. spoil (bederf) :: colliery spoil
257. spoken (gesproke) ::
258. spoon (lepel) :: She was smoking a cheap cigarette while spooning white sugar into a cup of tea stewed from the cheapest of teabags

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