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241. propose (stel) :: However halving the time allocated to proposing a motion to five minutes and allowing seconders a mere twoandahalf minutes to explain their position is too blunt an instrument
242. prospect (vooruitsig) :: Maybe the prospect of the landscape turning into a tourist facility will force a political change in the end
243. protect (beskerm) :: It has directly lied about these events to protect its soldiers
244. protection (beskerming) :: I also know that some of these rogue elements gain businesses by threatening businessmen and demanding protection money
245. protest (protes) :: A committee of 56 workers has been organizing to protest what they call sweatshop conditions
246. proud (trots) :: She was to be proud of her heritage proud of whom she was
248. prove (bewys) :: you dont have to prove anything
249. provide (voorsien) :: It was her role as a graduate trainee at Reuters the first female to be taken on in this post that provided Anne with the discipline necessary for writing a book
250. provided (met dien verstande) :: It is legal for them to do so provided that they bring this to customers attention before an order is placed
251. providing (verskaffing) :: we have the team that can win the championship providing we avoid bad injuries
253. public (openbare) :: Privatised industries must be returned to public ownership with no compensation for speculative gains
254. publication (publikasie) :: No the foreign exchange markets moved substantially upon the publication of US trade data
255. publicity (publisiteit) :: publicity leaflet
256. publish (publiseer) :: I discovered that some reasonably wellknown names are using Lulu to print and publish collections of their photographs either in black and white or full colour
258. pull (trek) :: the pull of the water tore her away
260. punish (straf) :: The same law punishes theft by cutting off a hand

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