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221. son (seun) :: he was a son of Ireland
222. song (lied) :: As the singer came out again she broke into song the band behind accompanying her svelte smooth voice
223. soon (binnekort) :: Sometimes the people that you want to say things to are snatched away from the world too soon
224. sore (seer) :: He was angry now sore as a skunk and with enough whisky inside him to keep Jim Beam going for ten years or so
225. sorry (jammer) :: He let his eyes take in the sorry sight of the man and felt his anger recede a little
226. sort (soort) :: Im not that sort of girl
227. soul (siel) :: their interpretation lacked soul
228. sound (klink) :: I heard the sound of a car
229. soup (sop) :: There was an intense debate about the chemical soup emitted by the many pulp mills in Europe and North America
230. sour (suur) :: Its like sniffing sour milk to see if its gone off you just have to keep going back to make sure
231. source (bron) :: Ive also been trying to source Ammonium Ferric Sulphate and Copper Sulphate for electro etching
232. south (Suid) :: The group headed towards the south wing where all their rooms were located
233. southern (suidelike) :: Rescue crews were heading toward Margate on the southern English coast where they hoped to let the whale back out to sea
234. space (ruimte) :: Now the only available space for me to set up my staging area was off in the corner of the main room
235. spare (spaar) :: He started with a 310 spare in the first frame before rolling six consecutive strikes
236. speak (praat) :: he didnt speak any dialogue in the play
237. speaker (spreker) :: As a part of our career week next week we have hired a guest speaker
238. special (spesiale) :: Tomorrows the first day of school its a special occasion
239. specialist (spesialis) :: The Influencer is commonly an expert who has specialist knowledge in the area of the purchase being considered
240. specially (spesiaal) :: A good seamstress can design clothes specially for you

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