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221. professional (professionele) :: An experienced guerilla fighter with a professional competence in civil engineering could think of a good deal more
223. profit (wins) :: CEOs or other officers should not be allowed to profit from erroneous financial statements
225. programme (program) :: An extensive programme of activities will be put on to promote physical development and make a positive impact on the health of residents of the borough
226. progress (vordering) :: Motorists have little patience for anything that will impede their already slow progress
227. project (projek) :: community project
228. promise (belofte) :: Of course the flip side of such promise is the potential for humiliation
229. promote (bevorder) :: Topical steroids can reduce inflammation while ascorbic acid may promote collagen synthesis following alkali exposure
230. promotion (bevordering) :: The agency has recently completed projects for major clients in web print packaging advertising sales promotion and exhibition design
231. prompt (vinnige) :: Scotts own contribution to the evening seems to have been limited to a whispered prompt
233. pronounce (uitspreek) :: Her voice dripped with the sharpness of mockery as she pronounced these last words
234. pronunciation (uitspraak) :: Correct pronunciation and proper use of words will enhance language skills
235. proof (bewys) :: I shall carry out such a consistency proof for elementary number theory
236. proper (behoorlike) :: An odd perfect number is defined to be an odd integer that is equal to the sum of its proper divisors
238. property (eiendom) :: The company said it had been hit by a continuing fall in stock markets around the world the stalling of the commercial property market and low interest rates
239. proportion (verhouding) :: the proportion of exams to schoolwork
240. proposal (voorstel) :: They report to him of her beauty and great qualities and he sends her a proposal of marriage

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