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221. construct (bou) :: For the most part people read books to construct a favorable selfimage for themselves
222. construction (konstruksie) :: The barn was a wooden construction with a corrugated iron roof and only a wide opening for a door
223. consult (raadpleeg) :: After changing jeans and shoes he went down to the drawing room to consult the address book beside the telephone
224. consumer (verbruiker) :: The demand for a product is the sum of the demand of individual consumers
225. contact (Kontak) :: Patch test this test is used to find the allergen causing eczema or contact dermatitis
226. contain (bevat) :: Because some shape ratios contain similar measurement variables a direct algorithmic relationship may exist between them
227. container (houer) :: Soon after that we saw on our left a car loading area with the car containers for transport
228. contemporary (kontemporêre) :: It is these voices that make interpretation a living force as they call out to contemporary moments
229. content (inhoud) :: But ten days ago both sides were quite content with the result both realising that they had come perilously close to losing
230. contest (wedstryd) :: His essay Our America sought to contest the cultural and linguistic destiny of America as a signifier
231. context (konteks) :: We are going to be able within a European context to be in a more positive position
232. continent (kontinent) :: This steep sided sea flows like a meeting place between the two continents of Africa and Asia
233. continue (aanhou) :: How will they be able to continue to insist on price cuts of medicines by more than nine per cent every year
234. continuous (deurlopende) :: A point on the block serves as guide for the repeat impression so that the design is continuous
235. contract (kontrak) :: health authorities contract a hospital to treat a specific number of patients
236. contrast (kontrasteer) :: To compare it or to contrast it with art is complicated and difficult
238. contribute (bydra) :: The conman asks the person contacted to contribute a small sum of money to speed up the release of the funds
239. contribution (bydrae) :: Thanks to all the people who have made an annual contribution to this collection
240. control (beheer) :: Anger I could deal with but I hated to be embarrassed and to lose control of my emotions

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