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221. attraction (aantrekkingskrag) :: Knock Museum continues to be a popular attraction for many visitors to the area
222. attractive (aantreklike) :: Such a policy goal would be attractive to parents students and many other stakeholders
223. audience (gehoor) :: The fact is if youd written this book for a younger audience I think it would have been more magical
224. August (Augustus) :: Its a great show and demonstrates why the photographer is now a member of that august body Magnum Photos
225. aunt (tante) :: When a man goes to prison wives sisters mothers and aunts often work to keep the family together
226. author (skrywer) :: She authored many bestselling books including Forever Young Forever Healthy
227. authority (gesag) :: Betty was also an avid reader and became an authority on Irish and local history and family genealogy
228. automatic (outomatiese) :: The five speed automatic gear box produces a smooth very positive firm ride and will deliver a blast of energy at the slightest increase in pressure on the accelerator
229. autumn (herfs) :: in early autumn
230. available (beskikbaar) :: As a manager I used to get stressed on Friday when players would ring and say they were not available
231. average (gemiddelde) :: Thus lower rates of migration in the population lead to stronger average levels of association
232. avoid (verhoed) :: I am now so paranoid at not paying a fine I will avoid the place
233. awake (wakker) :: Not that sort of restless you understand but rather restless awake rather than asleep
234. award (toekenning) :: Laois County Council has established a literature award to mark the annual Bealtaine Literature Festival which is now in its eight year
235. aware (bewus) :: That was when he was first aware of his pathological desire to lose his left leg
236. away (weg) :: I filed it away in my head
237. awful (vreeslike) :: The last time Id ridden 200 miles I felt awful the next day like Id been hit by a truck
239. awkward (ongemaklike) :: As I lay on my side too choked with inward giggling to move into a less awkward and uncomfortable position my mother appeared

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