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201. soap (seep) :: I need to find medicine and bandages soap and disinfectants to clean my wounds
202. social (sosiale) :: Science as a social endeavor is seen as a collective project for the improvement of social structures
203. society (samelewing) :: However the assumption that civil and political rights should have priority is widely shared in our society
204. sock (sokkie) :: Dont let the field get socked in with early morning fog or a decreasing ceiling when you no longer have enough fuel to get to your divert base
205. soft (sagte) :: We looked at Raphaels use of the tondo format and how he echoed this circular shape in the soft rounded forms of his Madonnas
207. software (sagteware) :: Customers should be able to move software from server to server in a much more fluid way than in the past
208. soil (grond) :: He can then charge the companies per truckload of waste soil
209. soldier (soldaat) :: These are working people who expected to express their spirit of service with a little weekend soldiering or crisis assistance
210. solid (soliede) :: Imagine that you are surrounded by an outer shell that is made of a solid material so strong that nothing can get through to hurt you
211. solution (oplossing) :: The Department of Education insists the school was always regarded as a temporary solution to an emergency situation
212. solve (los) :: Both believe the market solves all problems of efficiency and allocation
213. some (sommige) :: hes in some kind of trouble
214. somebody (iemand) :: There is no easier interview subject than somebody who asks questions of themselves
215. somehow (een of ander manier) :: It was too much somehow to expect something as poetic as a bridge to survive so barbarous a war
216. someone (iemand) :: Some watches and cigars were also missing after someone forced a back door to get in
217. something (iets) :: the people were something scared
218. sometimes (soms) :: It almost looks as though the slicer is using a scythe rather than a club sometimes
219. somewhat (ietwat) :: Matters were getting somewhat out of hand with those native to the city finding it hard to get a house
220. somewhere (iewers) :: A jukebox somewhere through the throng of people was playing an old Johnny Cash compilation

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