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201. printer (drukker) :: Half a million copies of Yaos critical article were printed the text being distributed by telegraph to provincial printers
202. printing (druk) :: The history of writing has been influenced by technological developments such as the invention of paper and printing and by increased literacy due to the expansion of formal education
203. prior (voor) :: Ideally each software installation would be referred to a central service for prior approval
204. priority (prioriteit) :: The following two sections deal with bus lanes and traffic signal priority respectively
205. prison (gevangenis) :: We have all heard the stories about what prisons are like I dont believe in prison being a totally horrific place but I do think it has to be a bit more of a deterrent
206. prisoner (gevangene) :: Her fear is that of a prisoner awaiting execution in the merciless sunlight of an American dream
207. private (privaat) :: Gifts received in a private capacity by Royals were treated in the same way as gifts to anyone else he said
208. prize (prys) :: It looks awfully like standing at the gate staring out into the paddock wondering where the prize stallion has gone
209. probable (waarskynlik) :: Thailand last week reported its first probable case of humantohuman transmission of the virus
210. probably (waarskynlik) :: They probably recognized that they were not up to the task of running a modern state
211. problem (probleem) :: The problem is White to play and mate in two moves against any Black defence
212. procedure (prosedure) :: Some of the procedures or demonstration data can be permanently saved in the database
213. proceed (voortgaan) :: But the company was forced to proceed with yesterdays meeting as Acquisitors motions to remove Baltimores existing directors were valid
214. process (proses) :: The processors will be made using Intels 013 micron fabrication process
215. process (proses) :: The processors will be made using Intels 013 micron fabrication process
216. produce (produseer) :: The barrister is obliged to produce the records for inspection to an authorised revenue official at the barristers place of work
217. producer (produsent) :: Its not a producer s record its made in the oldfashioned way
218. product (produk) :: Rather we are focused almost totally on the end result the final product
219. production (produksie) :: News this week that US manufacturers increased production in August for the first time in nine months is encouraging
220. profession (beroep) :: The Irish Constitution guarantees freedom of conscience and the free profession and practice of religion

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