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201. confuse (verwar) :: We wont confuse our having made mistakes with our having no right to be here
202. confused (verward) :: It frequently has to make its assessment on the basis of fragmented incomplete and confused information
204. confusion (verwarring) :: For the moment expect confusion about whats legal and what isnt in bars and clubs to continue unabated
205. congratulate (geluk) :: His real sentiments were likely far from congratulatory
206. congratulation (gelukwensing) :: It was ritualised listless clapping not genuine congratulation at fine play
207. congress (kongres) :: The dictionary says that tupping describes what rams do to ewes but I first came across it being used in relation to human sexual congress
208. connect (verbind) :: His fall was postponed just long enough for the first blow to connect with his right side lifting him off his feet for an instant
209. connected (verbind) ::
210. connection (verband) :: A circuit switch model for determining switch and network transit delays for circuit connection setup was developed
211. conscious (bewuste) :: So why then are the surgeons so reluctant to operate on conscious patients
212. consequence (gevolg) :: many have been laid off from work as a consequence of government policies
213. conservative (konserwatief) :: The price was paid in Latin America in the deaths and disappearance of at a conservative estimate around 100000 people throughout the subcontinent
214. consider (oorweeg) :: have you ever stopped to consider why it happened
215. considerable (aansienlike) :: If the library is occupied by a playgroup it would cause them a considerable amount of disquiet
217. consideration (oorweging) :: After careful consideration I chose the latter
218. consist (Bestaan ​​uit) :: It is also our intention to include a section at the back of the book consisting of songs and choruses
219. constant (konstante) :: And from a total of 33 constant friends only half a dozen are bosom buddies

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