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201. assist (help) :: The foundation combines emotional physical and academic programs to assist the children who need it the most
202. assistance (hulp) :: You are welcome to contact us at anytime when you need more information and assistance from us
203. assistant (assistent) :: The assistant director quit because he didnt believe that the film could be made
204. associate (assosieer) :: Santiago informed them that I was a longtime friend and associate of his and that I had a passing acquaintance with Herr Voight
206. association (vereniging) :: It is asking fellow supporters to join association members for the lobby which will take place in Westminster Hall between noon and 3pm
207. assume (aanvaar) :: it is reasonable to assume that such changes have significant social effects
208. assure (verseker) :: After assuring herself of the quality of the picture she said I could go back to the emergency room
209. atmosphere (atmosfeer) :: On Earth the atmosphere and the magnetosphere deflect the charged particles that stream in from the Sun at a million miles an hour the solar wind
210. atom (atoom) :: She says that the Supreme One is present in every atom of this world
211. attach (heg) :: Make sure it is printed on good quality A4 size paper and never attach extra documents letters or certificates save these for the interview
212. attached (aangeheg) :: The email had a Microsoft Word document attached
213. attack (aanval) :: The government deployed additional military forces to attack terrorist strongholds
214. attempt (poging) :: Now there is very little to prevent them from making history and advancing beyond a World Cup group at the first attempt
216. attend (bywoon) :: I have to attend two meetings today
217. attention (aandag) :: he turned his attention to the educational system
218. attitude (houding) :: But theres something thats come to perplex me about his attitude to religious belief
219. attorney (prokureur) :: Both have argued numerous cases before the Supreme Court including as attorneys in the solicitor generals office
220. attract (trek) :: Now after three nights of music the reaction from patrons has been superb and the music is attracting the attention of music lovers from all over

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